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Cosmetic Tattoo:
What to expect:

Everybody reacts differently to the treatment, however these signs are completely normal:

  • Redness and swelling

  • Dark and intense pigment

What you need to do:


Gigaplast will be applied at the end of your treatment to help seal the wounds and protect it. 

4 hours after your treatment you are able to wipe the Gigaplast off with a sterile wipe that will be provided in your after care pack.

The healing method:

Majority of the healing will happen during the first two weeks after the treatment.
During this time please follow the instructions below and in your after care pack:

  • Dry healing is optimal. Please avoid anything to come in contact with the brows during the healing stage. This includes; water, sweat, make up etc.

  • Dont touch the tattoo! During the healing stage it will start to scab and flake off. Please let it naturally heal and don't pull at the scabs as you will be pulling pigment out of your skin.

  • Don't go swimming for at least two weeks

Don't apply any:

  • Cosmetics, makeup or tanning products to the area for at least two weeks 

  • Bleach, tint or dye on the are for at least one month after your treatment 

If you are concerned:
Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via email or phone. 


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