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What is a brow lift / lamination?
A brow lift / lamination is essentially the same as a lash lift but with products suited for brow hair instead. It consists of breaking the bond in the hair follicle; this allows the brow hair to be placed in more of an upward direction, creating a fuller and more ideal brow shape for your face.


A shape & tint is included in this treatment as well as a nourishing serum to finish to ensure the brow hair is healthy after the treatment. A nourishing balm is also given to each client to apply daily after the brow lift to maintain the health of the hairs and keep the lift strong.

How to prepare for a brow lift / lamination?
Please avoid using retinol and topical over-the-counter and prescription acne treatments for at least 48 hours before your treatment since these products can sensitize the skin, and potentially lead to irritation. Please do not pluck or wax your brow hair before the appointment, more hair is better to work with. Arriving at your appointment makeup-free with clean skin also helps the process.


What do I have to do after the brow lift / lamination?
For the first 24 hours after the treatment please refrain from wetting or rubbing the area, and to avoid applying creams, oils, and brow or eye makeup. You should also skip that workout and the extra-hot shower you usually take afterwards. 

How long does a brow lift / lamination last?
With proper care, a brow lift can last anywhere from 3-8 weeks.

Who should get brow lift / lamination?
Most people can consider getting this treatment done. More / course hair is generally better for this treatment, however great results are also achieved for people with minimal / fine hairs as well.

If you are unsure please don’t hesitate to contact the studio.

How long is the brow lift / lamination appointment?
Please allow approx. 45 minutes for the appointment. 


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