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Will cosmetic tattooing hurt?
Everyone has a different pain threshold so the pain is dependant on the individual. Some clients will say they don't feel any pain while others experience some discomfort. 

We will do everything in our power to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. Before we begin we will apply a topical anaesthetic for 30 minutes to numb the area. 

During the procedure another topical anaesthetic will be applied that works on numbing deeper into the skin to minimise your discomfort. 

How well will cosmetic tattooing work for me?
There are different factors that will effect how well your skin responds to cosmetic tattooing. If you have very oily skin, a frequent smoker, iron deficient or anaemic; it is likely that the pigment will fade faster and that you will require a touch up treatment sooner. 

If you have previous cosmetic tattooing and are wanting a cover up or rework:
Please consult with the artist before the treatment to determine if the area is treatable. We ask that you take a clear photo of the area BEFORE BOOKING the treatment. In some cases, where the previous tattooing is very dark and discoloured we may suggest you have it removed before we begin treatment. Previously tattooed areas and cover ups normally require additional touch ups to achieve the best result.


Who can't have cosmetic tattooing?

  • If you are pregnant of breastfeeding

  • Easily hyper-pigmentate

  • Ones who overexpose themselves to UV (1 month before or 1 month after)

  • Elective and non elective surgeries 

  • Botox and fillers (1 month before or 1 month after)

  • If you have taken ANY medication 4 weeks prior to getting your treatment please consult with your artist. 
    -Please tell us at the time of booking. Certain medication can thin the blood, which may mean you bleed during the treatment which will then affect the amount of pigment that will be absorbed into the skin.

Written doctors approval will be needed if you have:

  • Heart problems

  • Cancer, or undergoing chemotherapy 

  • Certain medications 

How many treatments will I need?
Most clients require two treatments which are included in the treatment price. The second treatment is performed 4-6 weeks later or no later than 12 weeks after the first treatment.

How long will the appointment take?

Please allow 2hrs for each appointment for Microblading & 3hrs each appointment for Combination.

What will my cosmetic tattoo look like immediately after?
Redness and swelling after the procedure is completely normal. You may also notice that the pigment is likely to be a lot darker and more intense for the first few days before the healing stage commences. However during the healing stage the pigment will lighten approximately 60%.

How long will my cosmetic tattoo last?

Pigments used in cosmetic tattooing are designed to gradually fade. This will allow you to change the colour and shape over time as your skin changes and your style evolves. Most people find that they need a refresh treatment every 12-18 months.

Certain factors that effect how long your cosmetic tattoo lasts include:

  • Your skin type and regeneration 

  • Colour pigment used

  • Sun exposure

  • Chemical peels

  • Bleeding during the procedure

What do I need to know about long term care?
Once your cosmetic tattoo has healed, we suggest you apply a 50+ sunscreen to the area whenever you are in the sun.


If you are undergoing any laser treatments, chemical peels or other medical procedures please let the professional treating you know that you have a cosmetic tattoo.



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