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What is a lash lift & tint?
A lash lift sets the shape of your natural lashes using a chemical solution. A silicone rod will be placed on your eyelid to provide the curl, your lashes then, once cleaned, will be combed up to take their shape. Eye-safe perming/lifting solution is then applied for a certain time depending on your own lashes (6-14 minutes).

After the perming solution is removed, a fixing solution is then applied to restructure the bond, locking the lashes in shape. Following the fixing solution is when we tint the lashes. Applying a blue/black tint will enhance the lashes and pair with the lift for a more 'dramatic/mascara' effect. 

A nourishing solution is then applied at the end of the treatment to remove all previous products, this solution contains keratin to also add moisture back into the lashes. 

A clear keratin mascara is applied upon finishing for ehanced results to the lash lift and your eyelash health. 

How long does a lash lift & tint treatment take?
Please allow approximately 45min for the treatment

How long does a lash lift & tint last?
Depending on the individual, a lash lift and tint can last anywhere between 4-12 weeks

What is the after care?
The after care for a lash lift & tint is only required in the first 24 hours after the treatment. Please avoid wetting them, steam, and all forms of moisture and humidity. Avoid using eye makeup and mascara for these 24 hours to make the curl last.

Is there a lot of maintenance for a lash lift & tint?
None at all! apart from the first 24 hours, lash lift & tints require NO RULES (yay). If you would like you can apply some coconut oil to the lashes to keep them condition and nourished, other than that there is nothing you need to do other than ENJOY having dark and curled lashes!


Can I wear mascara after the 24 hours?
OF COURSE, your lashes will already be darkened from the tint, however if you want to apply mascara you are more than welcome to. This will not affect the lift or tint along as it is AFTER the 24 hours. 


Do I have to have long lashes to get a lash lift & tint?

Not at all, all lashes can be enhanced with a lash lift and tint, however the longer your lashes the better/more dramatic your lash lift can be. 


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